Acoustic Corner

In addition to the north-east corner of the promontory, another lithophonic “hotspot” we identified on the Carn Menyn ridge was a small area we nicknamed “Acoustic Corner”, which was a scattered jumble of rocks on the south-west corner of the outcrop we dubbed “Carn W1a”. As at the promontory, this little area also gives the impression of rock disturbance that perhaps indicates an ancient, maybe Neolithic, quarry (though this has not been archaeologically confirmed). Whatever, it has a high percentage of rocks that are lithophones providing a rich range of often delicate sounds.

Carn Menyn Focus Areas

Carn Menyn: The Promontory
Acoustic Corner
Carn Goedog
Beddarthur, Carn Bica and Carn Sian
Pont Saeson

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Plan showing location of ‘Acoustic Corner’

General view of ‘Acoustic Corner’, showing its tumbled nature

The two touching stones are both lithophones

This massive block is a superb rock gong, acoustically effective throughout its bulk, from the thin end to the more square, block-like part of the rock.

This longer clip shows variations of resonance exploring a lithophone located at Acoustic Corner.