Ffynnon Druidion

This site is collapsed dolmen known as Ffynnon Druidion, at SM918.367, south of the main Strumble Head group. Percussion testing revealed no lithophonic properties in the dolmen’s remains, but an interesting sightline was noted (at extreme limits of visibility to the SSE) to Great Treffgarn Rocks near Wolf’s Castle, a dramatic landmark feature at SM957.251, also involved in significant sightlines at Garn Turne and a related dolmen. The distance between Ffynnon Druidion dolmen and the rocks is 12.5 km. Carn Menyn at 21 km distance would almost certainly be visible on the skyline from Ffynnon Druidion in clear atmospheric conditions, but on the occasion of our visit distant haze made it impossible to visually confirm this.

The images on this webpage show various views of the collapsed dolmen.

Carn Menyn Focus Areas

Carn Menyn: The Promontory
Acoustic Corner
Carn Goedog
Beddarthur, Carn Bica and Carn Sian
Pont Saeson

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